Who We Are.

Making a difference, One smile at a time.

Clean Slate Botanicals was established in 2022 in Shreveport, La. Our mission is to connect customers with nature inspired scents for their home and skin that are eco safe, skin safe, and enhancing to your mood and atmosphere.

How we got started

While Clean Slate Botanicals is a new flowering brand, it sprouted from an existing business - Ben's Body Basics.

To know how we got to where we are today, please continue to read below.

Ben’s Body Basics is a natural skincare company based out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Ben founded the company in April of 2017 to provide ethical, handmade solutions to everyday problems. He believes that finding truly natural products created exclusively from ingredients you can pronounce should be easy and accessible for everyone. If it frustrates you to look at your ingredients label only to realize you don't know what any of them are or why the heck they are even in this product in the first place, we feel your pain. Why can't we just let nature serve its purpose? After asking himself this question, Ben decided to start researching, studying, and experimenting with different plant based ingredients that harness all the power of nature into products you can trust. And from this passion and determination, Ben’s Body Basics was born.

We help empower you, our customers, by creating the products you need without any harsh or harmful chemicals. We do so because we believe that everyone deserves clean products you can feel comfortable bringing into your home. And we’re proud to provide the reliable quality and care you count on.

-Let Nature Serve