Lavender Fresca Facial Toner
Lavender Fresca Facial TonerLavender Fresca Facial TonerLavender Fresca Facial Toner

Lavender Fresa Facial Toner 2oz | 4oz

Treat your skin to something special with our NEW Lavender Fresca Facial Toner. We combine lavender's natural soothing properties and the acne-fighting punch of tea tree to lift dirt and treat skin to a calming, brightening pick-me-up.

Directions: After the application of your cleanser, spritz your face with Lavender Fresca Facial Toner and gently massage evenly into skin. Follow with moisturizer.

Ingredients: Steam Distilled Lavender Hydrosol, Steam Distilled Tea Tree Hydrosol, Witch Hazel, Lavender Essential Oil


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