Selfcare Stimmy Box
Selfcare Stimmy Box

What better way to spend less than 5% of your stimulus check on your health and mental wellness! Introducing the Selfcare Stimmy Box! Stimulate you skin and rejuvenate you cells with our amazing Himalayan Rosehips face scrub. The Lavender Grapefruit Body Butter will nourish and moisturize your skin in ways no other lotion or body cream can! We know you need a moment to yourself, and our Keep Calm Bath Salt and Roll On will help you check out from the hectic stressful times, and be immersed in relaxation utopia! You won't regret your 5% investment in this reset button in a box!

100% Plant-Based

100% Hand Made

Lavender Grapefruit Body Butter

Keep Calm Roll On

Himalayan Rosehips Face Scrub

Keep Calm Bath Salt

Lavender Fresca Facial Toner



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