Ashley Thornton

I work as a healthcare provider meaning I am washing my hands constantly with harsh soaps and using strong sanitizers all throughout my day. By the time I get off work my hands are so DRIED out and even hurt. Today was my first day at work using Ben's Body Basics hand sanitizer and my hands are so soft, clean and even better, I can pronounce all the ingredients and know exactly what I'm applying to my skin! I highly recommend these products and can't wait to try the bug spray that I purchased, as well! Great customer service with a smile and even better products!!

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Brittany Baucum

I have been using Ben's deodorant for the past month and I'm very pleased. My main concerns were odor and stains and this has not been a problem at all. It gets me through my weekly workouts and I no longer worry about white marks on my clothes. The true test came last weekend when I wore a silk dress that came up right below my armpits . I was worried that it might stain because my dress was having direct contact with the deodorant. At the end of the night, the dress had no stains and no odor!!! With my old deodorant, I would have definitely had to make a trip to the dry cleaner. If you think $14 is a high price for deodorant, consider the cost it could save you at the dry cleaners. Plus the peace of mind of knowing that you are putting one less toxic product on your body is priceless. Bottom line: You won't regret switching to Ben's deodorant!!!!!!

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Haley Brooke

Honestly, I love ALL of the products Ben makes! My favorites of everything (which is hard because they're all amazing):

Body Butter: Orange Lavender
Body Oil: Sangria
The Rose Facial Toner (top 3)
Almond Oil Face Moisturizer (top 3)
Face scrub: Pink Himalayan Rose hips (top 3)
Body Scrub: Lavender Almond
Up in Arms Deodorant
Body Spray: Bae Spray

I use the deodorant, Body Butter, Rose Facial Toner, Almond oil Face Moisturizer, and the Pink Himalayan Face Scrub EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!

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