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We help improve people's lives by providing them their essential tools for their self care needs. Our collection of ethical, natural, plant-based products will improve your level of comfort, save you time and energy, while not harming our planet. We use purposeful ingredients that you can pronounce, understand, and learn how they actually benefit you.

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Victoria Moore

The deodorant is absolutely amazing, and holds VERY well in this heat (which was my biggest concern lol). After testing for 4 days, I can honestly say that I will be purchasing from here on out!

Caitlin Douglas

When I say that this product made an INSTANT DRAMATIC CHANGE TO MY SKIN, I mean just that. The #PeppermintyBlacksoap is AMAZING!!! I suffer from severe eczema flare ups and this is the first, natural bath product that resulted in an INSTANT NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE! It's very potent, and left me smelling like an Egyptian Goddess lol. I can't wait to try my Bath Tea!

Katy Larsen

This brand is the best of what Nature can serve. Ben has found the perfect way to incapsulate plant based nutrients into a body product line. Thankful from the whole SBC!