Rosé Facial Toner
Rosé Facial TonerRosé Facial Toner

Finding the right toner can be a grueling process of trial and error. If you’re sick of the search, you’ll love our effective, natural Rosé Facial Toner that soothes as it smoothes. Our customers swear by it!

Give your skin the wake-up call it needs with our Rosé Facial Toner. It’s gentle, non-drying and it gets the job done, so you can trust that it will leave your skin refreshed, renewed, and radiant.


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Why you need it 

We skip the harsh, skin-irritating chemicals that are found in so many toners and stick to au natural ingredients that will soothe and tone even the most sensitive skin. Toner is an essential step of an effective skincare routine, and we take the guesswork out of skincare by providing an easy-to-use toner that gently removes dirt and other impurities, fights acne, and treats your skin, all in one amazing product. Plus, the decadent rosy scent adds a little luxury to your morning routine. 


When it comes to skincare, we trust the power of nature to treat and heal. That’s why we’ve handcrafted our products using only ingredients you can pronounce.

Customer Reviews

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Rosewater makes for an incredible toner due to rose's natural astringent properties, and combined with acne-fighting witch hazel and natural essential oils, this toner lifts dirt, treats the skin, and gives you a gorgeous glow that lasts all day long. And it smells amazing! Your skin has never looked healthier!



Ben’s Body Basics is here to help you find effective skincare solutions for your particular skin. Packed with trusted ingredients that actually work, our Rosé Facial Toner will transform your skin and give you a gorgeous, natural glow. You won’t find these incredible benefits anywhere else:

  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Brings out your skin’s natural brightness
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging
  • Eases acne and prevents against future breakouts
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness
  • Supports skin renewal critical to a radiant complexion
  • Treats difficult skin issues without the harsh chemicals
  • Made from all-natural ingredients, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin

And it’s gentle enough for any skin type, so make our toner a part of your routine today!

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